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Psychological education advice

orientacion1 If we look for a conciliatory up-to-date definition of psychological advice, you could say:

This is a technical, personal and systematic service which is offered to the children by the education system and its objective is to help find their possibilities, limitations and their means so adequate decisions are taken to obtain a maximum personal, academic and social development and to achieve their transition to an active life as a free responsible citizen. (Sampascual et al., 1999:15)”.orientacion2

Psychological guidance looks for the integration of a child within him/herself.  Their field of interests is built on their ideas, values, motivations, aptitudes, self-concepts, self-esteem, etc., and we suggest education response measurements by placing special attention on prevention, early detection and psychological assessment of our pupils.

Thus, we consider as essential; family guidance as a stimulus, support and training for families, making their values clear, attitudes and to know their children’s different characteristics which will enable us to empathize with them.

In our centre we carry out two assessments on all our pupils whatever their age each school year (qualitative and quantitative evaluation).orientacion

All of the needs of our pupils are taken care of: Cognitive-metacognitive, affective, behavior and social relationships.

Advice and psychological education assessment is continuous and systematic throughout the education process.

It is an interdisciplinary task which involves every member of the education community, advice to the teaching team, collaboration with development training programmes, precautionary or intervention programmes with the pupils, as well as possible derivation to other specialists collaborating with the second year of Infant Education of the centre.

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