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filosofia_guarderia4It is in the infant stage when the groundings to assimilate essential emotional and social habits which can manifest throughout a child’s life are formed.   The period between 0 to 3 years is when emotions are more natural, sincere and spontaneous and the affective bond which connects us is at its strongest.  For this reason we consider Emotional Education to be so important at this age, as well as defending the educational role of the First Cycle of Infant Education.

We have spacious facilities with bright, light-filled classrooms adapted to each age group.  We also have an exterior garden in which children can grow and develop in harmony with nature by way of our urban kitchen garden which we call “Gardening Time”

We are situated in the framework of inclusive philosophy, based on respect and on the individuality of each child to reach his/her full development potential   and to provide them with the ability to respond to their needs.


We trust in the natural inborn ability to learn of children to discover and experiment for themselves.  Therefore we are partial to learning with actions, in discovering, in creating and in playing as essential tools with which they will discover themselves and the world which surrounds them.

Set out in a flexible, happy, coherent, near, stimulant and creative environment which cares about every day behaviour.

We base our education and learning processes on the care of essential values of human beings, so children get impregnated as much as with essential knowledge for them as with experiences.  We need and count on the involvement of the families and the commitment of all of the education community.

We recognize differences and diversity and a vital wealth, investing in quality education for everybody.

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