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The health and well-being of the population at school age are deeply conditioned by the type of food received and by maintaining a healthy weight.

As pointed out by the World Health Organization (WHO) the education centre is a significant place to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge on infant health and nutrition.  So we understand that a healthy diet is within the school context as a complementary educational service to the evolutionary development of the child, as regards acquiring healthy diet habits and encouraging their autonomy and responsibility.

Our Centre offers a catering service which is adapted to the needs of each child according to their stage of development and specific needs.


The breastfeeding stage corresponds to the first year of life of a child and according to the child’s nutritional needs; we can divide it into two sub stages:lactancia0_1

1- The first from the moment a child is born up to the 4th or 5th month in which a baby is only fed on milk.

2- The second goes from the 4-5 month up to the first year, where different types of food are gradually introduced to complete the diet according to the physiological maturity of the child.

From our labour in education, our aim is to support this process along with the families for a complete and optimal development of the baby.


During the 1 – 3 year stage, children go on from being fed exclusively on liquid or semi-solid food to consuming solid food. During this process the child begins to chew, taste and to become familiar with different types of food and their textures, and little by little assimilates an adult diet.comedor_guarderia_zaragoza

Children at this stage respond to internal signs of hunger and satiety, and depend on the quantity of energy they use up at each moment. Moreover they begin to feel interested in the taste of food and to have preferences for some of them.

It is also important to maintain constant feeding timetables so their nutrients can be used and metabolized in the best possible way.

The attitude of adults is essential when developing healthy eating habits by creating a calm emotional climate.



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