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Bilingual Plan



To obtain a good acquisition of a language it is necessary to be exposed to the language from a very young age.  The process of acquiring a language begins before the child starts to talk.
Learning in a linguistic immersion is done by teaching in that language, in our case, by teaching in English.

Learning in English does not mean confrontations for the child regarding his mother tongue; it does not require any extra effort to learn another language.  Learning comes in a natural way.

  • When do we learn our first language?  When we are babies.
  • How do we learn it? By listening to people talk and associating sounds to meanings.
  • How do we talk? Imitating people who talk.

A baby starts from zero as far as a language is concerned, they begin their learning by repeating the sounds they hear and associating them to a meaning. If we talk to them in Spanish they will talk Spanish; if we talk to them in English and Spanish they will talk English and Spanish.

From this philosophy of learning a language naturally, we have created the Bilingual Plan “Robin Bird”:

bird_mini_verde Green Robin : 0-1 years.

bird_mini_rojo Red Robin : 1-2 years.

bird_mini_azul Blue Robin : 2-3 years.

Work is carried out globally in the classroom on all ages and in all activities related to the PEC (Centre’s Education Plan).

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